What Am I Taking To The Hospital For Baby?

baby-1007914_1280.pngAs my due date gets closer and closer I have become more and more aware that I will actually need to go to the hospital. Therefore, I have started packing. I’ve only packed babies stuff… so maybe I’m not being too productive but something is getting done!

Baby doesn’t actually need much while at the hospital, they will provide just about everything while we are there. From diapers, to binkies, to blankets, and even a tiny shirt. (Ask your hospital what they will provide for you, as every hospital is different.)

But, I like to be overly prepared. Plus there is something so sweet about being able to finally put the baby clothes I’ve been looking at for so many months on the actual baby. I’m not taking much, just what will fit in the diaper bag.

  • Car seat – OK, so this doesn’t fit in the diaper bag, but you can’t leave the hospital without it. LITERALLY. The hospital will not let you take your child home unless they are properly restrained in a safe car seat.
  • Blanket – We are having baby soon and it is still pretty chilly around here. Putting a jacket on a newborn isn’t ideal, and putting a baby in a car seat with a jacket isn’t safe. A light blanket will be perfect for our short ride home.
  • Take home outfit – We aren’t going fancy, cute and comfortable shall do. We do have some special shoes that we are hoping will fit. They were actually Luke’s 21 years ago… however, he came out with giant feet and couldn’t fit them. LOL
  • Swaddlers – I have tried to learn how to swaddle a baby, but frankly can’t get it down. Luke doesn’t even know where to begin… so making it easier with a swaddler is a no brainer!
  • Mittens – Newborns will scratch their faces easily, mittens will keep those tiny razor blades safely wrapped up.
  • Photoshoot outfit – A cute outfit is set aside for the fresh 48 pictures. Even if you don’t plan on having a photographer come and take newborn pictures, your friends and family who visit you in the hospital will. Choose a cute outfit for those pictures in case baby ends up out of their blanket.
  • Newborn night gowns – Long night dresses will be perfect for changing diapers at midnight and not making baby cold all over. They also don’t have buttons or zippers to bother the umbilical cord, making them the perfect option for those first few days.
  • Bibs – Newborns are messy eaters… the advice I got from a friend is to take a couple bibs and keep one on baby at all times. This way during feedings baby won’t get their outfit or blanket all wet, and you won’t have to unwrap them or change them.
  • Nail Clippers – Razor sharp nails will be on your newborns tiny fingers. Ask a nurse to help or teach you how to cut them. *Tip: If nannying taught me anything about nail clipping, it’s to always do it when baby is asleep! Once baby falls asleep, gently cut their nails. Also, if nail clippers REALLY freak you out, try filing them instead.
  • Nipple Shield – This one is more for myself. I will be trying to breastfeed and if things get too uncomfortable the nipple shield will help to relieve some discomfort for a couple of feedings.
  • Lanolin Cream – This one is also for me. Breastfeeding makes your nipples hurt. Lanolin has been the most recommended cream to soothe those achy nipples!

And that’s it! Like I said before, our hospital provides everything else so we didn’t need to pack diapers, wipes, binkies, blankets, or anything in between. They even provide a breast pump during our stay. However, check with your hospital and make sure you know what they provide. Don’t over pack though! Many hospitals will give you extras before you leave and the more room you have to add those extras in your bags, the more you will get. Who can say no to free diapers, right?


Now that I have all of babies stuff packed, I just need the baby.

Hurry up! Mommy is getting impatient, and extremely uncomfortable!


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