Maybe the test is broken?

When Luke and I started our journey to becoming parents we thought that it would be a quick and easy sort of process. I mean how hard could it be? Do the deed, take a test a month later, and ta-dah! You’re pregnant. Turns out, that is very untrue… At least for us.

Our idea of starting a family began while Luke was in basic training for the United States Air Force… Sending letters back and forth about how we couldn’t wait to finally start our life together. Somewhere in those letters I was informed that Luke had fallen in love with the idea of starting a family, and soon.

I always knew I would be a young mom, I knew I wanted to have all my children by the time I was 30. But here I was at 18 years young reading that my husband wanted to start a family… and not in 5-ish years, SOON. But the more I thought about it, the more I saw it a wonderful possibility. So when I went to his boot camp graduation I proudly announced to him that I was no longer on birth control. He was so excited, finally a tiny one of us would be reality!

While Luke was in Tech school, I flew to visit him once a month, hoping to get pregnant. Every month I would end up very confused. What could we be doing wrong? So when he finally came home after Tech school we decided to get down to business, we would get pregnant! For the next months to come we would try every single tip and trick I found or heard about.

I was taking my basal temperature every morning, taking multi-vitamins, exercising daily, putting my legs up after doing the deed, taking ovulation tests… you name it, I did it. We were a year into this frustrating journey when I finally told Luke, I think we aren’t meant to have children yet. The very next day I was browsing in our neighborhood Walgreens when I stumbled upon Pre-Seed Lubricant. I thought, this can’t work. Why would this lubricant be any different than any other? But for some reason I bought it.

Fast forward a month later, I found a long lost pregnancy test while looking for a razor. I took it thinking it was going to come back negative, as it always had in the past. Well let me tell you, I was SURE it was a faulty pregnancy test. The 2 little lines didn’t make sense. I immediately yelled for Luke, I’m not sure what I actually yelled.. but, it must of had several curse words and lots of random babbling about the obviously broken pregnancy test. I was excited, I was scared, I was in shock. Luke didn’t believe me.

He immediately told me to get in the car, we had to go buy a non-broken test. The 15 minute car ride to the closest open Walmart was excruciating. He was silently smiling, taking in every single word to “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins that was coincidently playing on the radio. He decided the only accurate test would be the most expensive in stock, it obviously had the best technology in a tiny stick! The car ride back felt to take 3 hours. The second we got home, I ran to the bathroom and waited for it to read the magic word. And it did.


This journey was a rollercoaster ride. As a 20 and 21 year old, we never thought it would be this difficult to conceive. But, in turn it taught us to be patient and brought us closer together as a couple.

Everyone has hopes that everything will go as planned, but life has a completely different schedule than we do. The worst part being that your schedule is different that anybody else’s. Therefore we can’t always count on what worked for one person will work for us. But, if anyone reading this is trying to conceive… I recommend Pre-Seed!



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